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Small press. Big fun. It's a whimsinkle world.


I Love You More Than Spiders

ISBN: 9798990968905

Why is my child crying? Because I picked a playing card. Because I was singing. Because I painted the wrong picture. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get it right.

"I Love You More Than Spiders" is a tale for mothers and daughters. Told in easy-to-learn verse, the book contains 34 silly and heartwarming hand-drawn illustrations and 24 hidden spiders.

Release Date: August 2024

Lazy Bones

Coming 2025

Meet Jack - a born athlete who always seems to run out of energy the moment he gets home. When his mom leaves the house, Jack discovers an amazing new talent - his arm can stretch. No. I mean, REALLY stretch. He never has to leave the couch again! When he sends his arm out the window to clean up the yard, things get out of hand. After a ball bounces away from him, his arm is caught on a garbage truck, then a mail truck; before he knows it, he's tangled up beyond repair. It turns out Jack's lazy bones have got a mind of their own. Can Jack get things under control before his mom gets home?


The Work-A-Day Boy

Coming 2026

Follow our hero on his serious pursuit to be more serious. He's an inventor, dontcha know, and he's fed up with everyone trying to convince him to be a little kid just because he is one. One day, he leaves home for the city, hoping to find the peace and quiet he needs to work, but on the way, he has to navigate a world full of people far less serious than himself. He finally makes it to the office, where he can concentrate on a whole bunch of handy inventions. Unfortunately, his Dad thinks it's "take your kid to work" day, so our hero must leave the office and return home. He doesn't let that get him down. Tomorrow is a new day.

Whimsinkle is a small press dedicated to publishing books that are silly, joyful, and a little bit weird. In a world funneling us all toward sameness, choose to be whimsinkle.

All work is copyrighted and the sole property of Whimsinkle Press and Sarah E. Daniels. If you would like to distribute or purchase our works, please contact or follow the links to Ingram and Amazon listed with each product.

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