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Narrative Director | Lead Writer | Creative Producer

Welcome to So You SED. Where stories come to life.



Twin Peaks meets Northern Exposure. Everyone has a secret.



Maggie is back and better than ever.



Fixer Upper meets Wheel of Fortune

Cubis Kingdoms

Cubis Kingdoms

Solve puzzles. Save the world.



The cast of the Love Boat are in for rough seas ahead.



Emily and Patrick leave Snuggford, but they can't escape their family drama.

Delicious: Emily's New Beginning

Delicious: Emily's New Beginning

Emily and Patrick take the big step into parenthood. Of course, that doesn't mean Emily will give up her dreams of world domination.



Just when Emily thinks it's safe to relax, she discovers her whole family has come along on her honeymoon.

Campaign Story

Campaign Story

Run for office. Play dirty.

Hodgepodge Hollow

Hodgepodge Hollow

Can you help our hero collect all the potions?





Age of Oracles

Age of Oracles

The Incan Sun

The Incan Sun


Primrose Lake 3 | 2022

Primrose Lake 2 | 2021

Merge Detectives (writing credit) | 2021
Primrose Lake: Twists of Fate | 2020

Lucky Homes (writing credit) | 2020 

Welcome to Primrose Lake | 2019 

Maggie’s Movies: Second Shot | 2019 

Word U | 2018 

Cursed Words | 2018 

Cubis Kingdoms | 2017 

The Love Boat (writing credit) | 2017 

Delicious 11: Emily’s Home Sweet Home | 2015  

Delicious 10: Emily’s New Beginning | 2014  

Kiwi Wonderland | 2014  

Delicious 9: Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise | 2013

Mortimer Beckett 5: The Mystery of Monte Carlo (unshipped)| 2013  

Campaign Story | 2012  

Political Rampage | 2012  

The Candidate (unshipped) | 2012 

Scruffs 2: Return of the Duke |2010 

Rocket Weasel | 2010 

Jet! Set! Go! | 2010 

Chocolatier IV (unshipped)| 2010 

Princess Cruises: The Endless Cruise (unshipped) | 2011 

Hodgepodge Hollow: A Potions Primer | 2011  

Big City Adventure: Vancouver | 2010  

Age of Oracles: Tara’s Journey | 2009  

Big City Adventure: New York | 2009

Undiscovered World: Incan Sun | 2008  

Horatio’s Travels | 2008 

Sally’s Spa | 2008  

Tropix 2: Quest for the Golden Banana | 2008  

Great Secrets: Da Vinci Code | 2008 

Azkend | 2008  

Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor | 2007 

Shopping Blocks | 2007
Great Wall of Worlds | 2007

Alice’s Magical Mahjong | 2007

Blood Ties | 2007  

Sally’s Salon | 2007 

Charma: The Land of Enchantment | 2007 

Fab Fashion | 2007  

Burger Rush | 2006


User Testing (Microfiction) - Suddenly and Without Warning (March 2023)

Kinship Among the Lost (MicroFiction) - Popshot Quarterly Solar Issue (May 2023)

For What It's Worth (MicroFiction, 1st Place in Group, NYC Midnight 2022) - Matter Press (June 2023)

My Mess of Conflicting Emotions (Creative NonFiction) - Narrative Magazine (June 2023)

Acoustics of Loss (Creative NonFiction) - Bull Lit Men's Magazine (July 2023)

My favorite style is pen & ink, specifically pointillism. I love the meditative nature and the resulting texture and contrast. Additionally, I work in color pencil and watercolor, and I enjoy experimenting in Procreate. There are so many wonderful brushes and possibilities. 
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My background is in CREATIVE PRODUCTION for the digital media and video game industries. I specialize in reenergizing teams and helping internal and external partners navigate change.

For over 20 years, I've partnered with international, creative talent as a publishing liaison for companies like Corbis, RealNetworks, Scripps Media, Gamehouse, Oberon, iWin, and Electronic Arts. Among my list of clients are Reuters, NatGeo, Lifetime Television, the ATF, GSN, JamCity, and countless, independent photography and game studios.

Since 2012, I've focused on NARRATIVE DESIGN directing, writing, and editing more than a dozen scripts for long-format, story-driven games. My games have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times worldwide and translated into several languages. My short stories and creative nonfiction have been published in Narrative Magazine, Popshot Quarterly, Bull Lit, Matter Press, and Suddenly, and Without Warning.

My early career is best described as kindness-driven. My professional, non-profit experience includes the Missionaries of Charity, St. Joseph's Foodbank, Shorebank Advisory Services, Pediatric Home Care, and the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund. Additionally, I've professionally test-driven cars for General Motors and built case files for the Exxon Valdez litigation.

Due to an insatiable curiosity, I've couch-surfed around the globe, from Kenya to Japan, from England to Maui, and all points in between. I've sailed the Inside Passage and soloed multiple mountains from the Cascades to the Sangre de Cristos to Haleakala. For four years, I lived on a sailboat in the Puget Sound before single-handedly converting a school bus into an RV which I then drove around the US writing essays about my travels.

My goal is to learn something new every day and put this knowledge to work for the good of all.
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(All art and copy is the work of Sarah E. Daniels.

No robots were exploited in the creation of these works.)

Let's make something beautiful together.


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